43 thoughts on “Why you need to shoot your shot.”

  1. Story telling, top notch??
    Sadly this is one thing I’m struggling to learn how to do and I must say it has cost me a lot of opportunities but then, I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten better but I’m trying my possible best. Thank you for this post Yvonne.
    Let me go shoot my shot at one girl I’ve been eyeing since???

  2. Why did it have to end right now, I needed more. Yvonne, This piece is amazing, seriously need more of your pieces, there’s this confidence it has given me to give some certain friendships a chance, instead of expecting the guy shooting the shot all the time. Cheers to not being cliché dear?? .

      1. Am gonna have that people don’t bite mindset from now on and shoot my shot ? so wonderful things like this are online

  3. This is my table Yvonne. Thanks for this reminder ? I’ll leave a different name and see if you can guess who lol

  4. Wow, I loved it, it didn’t feel so long because it was your story. And the shooting your shot thingy…sometimes you just want to make friends but then once it’s the opposite sex some people automatically think you’re aiming to ask them out, after several of those types of encounters, I jejely stayed in my lane.

    1. Exactly! So annoying. I have lost really good people because they think once I give them attention, it means I’m inlove with them. It’s crazy. So most times, I just put it out there like, “I love to be your friend”. If you like, call it friend zone, I don’t care?

  5. I feel you, you know. I don’t think anyone hates embarrassment like me. It chokes me and I’m not even joking. That’s why you really need to observe the person you are walking up to. But sometimes your assumptions might be wrong so the best thing is to just do it. If the worst happens, you can comfort yourself by trying again. Maybe this time, the sun would shine in your favour.

  6. ???This made my evening, quite an adventure. I’m so shooting shots when things go back to normal. Keep the juicy stories coming. Love your sense of imagination

  7. Lol. This actually captivated me and I just couldn’t stop reading but then I got to the end so there’s that?. Wonderful write up! Your story telling is INSANE!

  8. ??pretending I’m on a call to avoid attention is my thing… Taking the the first step to say Hi could be either a blessing or a cause.

  9. Wow!! This is an awesome write-up. The way you linked your experiences and painted the scenes, makes me feel like I was right there through it all.
    Keep up the good work and you are totally right about shooting your shots. The best things I have achieved till date have come from people outside my circle, that I eventually brought into it by taking the first step or saying Hi.

  10. I like stories that take you on up and down, stories that touches live and then depart from it, show us who we are then who we can be.. stories that enlivens. great one. #Keepwriting

  11. Yvonneeeeee, this is amazing and funny ???. You’ve given me confidence oo. If not for this social distancing stuff, I’d have gone out of the gate to say “hi” to someone now?.

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